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About us

Our goals are:

Learning trades
We aquire ancient craft skills and put prehistoric techniques to the test. Most of our activities are settled around bronzeworking but also include textile techniques, ironworking, pottery etc.

Answering questions
Carrying out scientific experiments is our way to gain answers to archaeological questions and to contribute to fundamental research but also to help understand finds and findings. Results are published in scientific journals.

Making the past tangible
We want to disseminate archaeological knowledge and prehistoric techniques by presenting the results of our efforts at symposia and museum events. On demand we also develop workshops or other activities for school children, in which we e.g. enable them to better understand archaeological topics through replicas or the use of role playing.

Apart from our joint activities, ExperimentA is also a support platform for individual members that helps them to carry out their archaeological projects, e.g. with regard to know-how, labor, financial support and the necessary contacts

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